Website customization to fit your style and budget

Whether it be for work or fun, you deserve to have a website that is custom, clean and representative of what you do. Your brand is unique and should be represented in a professional, consistent matter across all your online mediums. 

My goal is to provide clients with a finished product they can be proud of. 

Web Content

The most important part of having a great site is having content that's written in a professional, consistent voice. To help maintain your brand's voice, we focus on: 

  • Establishing a strong, consistent style
  • Choosing key words for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Organization and clarity


Having imagery that looks professional and has a consistent style is also important for a strong online presence. Inconsistent imagery will confuse consumers and turn them off to your brand. To help streamline your imagery, we'll focus on: 

  • Creating a consistent style and look
  • Take and post professional images that best represent your brand
  • Review any and all social media accounts to make sure all profile imagery is consistent with your brand

Template Installation and Customization

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a web developer. But that's ok because we want to create a site that is easy enough for you (or a designated employee) to manage. I can help you set up a professional site on Wordpress or Squarespace  and help find an affordable template to meet your needs. From there, we can customize colors, fonts and graphics to match your brand. We can do all this without breaking the bank and paying for an expensive developer to build a site from scratch. 


I understand the need to have an amazing website at an affordable rate. This is why I choose to work with clients that have existing sites or build new sites off of existing templates that we will purchase the rights to use. 

  • Cost: $30 per hour or pre-determined cost based on the project at hand (please contact me to schedule a free consultation)
  • Additional costs may include hosting fees, domain purchase or template


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