Simply put, Northward Creative is creative services for the small business and individual. I provide writing/editing, photography and online marketing services at an affordable rate. The idea for Northward Creative didn't come to me overnight as some kind of new "get out of working for the man someday" business plan. In fact, at first, there was no plan at all. There was just me, a writer and photographer-hobbyist with a blog and some stories to share. 

Before long, friends and friends-of-friends started asking me about shooting some family portraits, engagement sessions, helping them set up their own websites and social media accounts, and before I knew it, my day job as a communications and marketing specialist infiltrated my after-work life.

The one thing I kept hearing over and over is how pricey creative services are. Whether it's a photo session for some save-the-dates, maintaining a properly branded website, or finding an affordable freelance writer, cost was always a hindrance for my first batch of clients. Although I do understand the value in high-quality creative work, I also know that funds can be extremely limiting for new businesses, families and publications. I want to work with people to create a finished product that represents them and their story. 

 About Me

Hey there, I'm Andrea, the mastermind behind Northward Creative and lover of all things dog - but that's somewhat unrelated. I've lived in northern Idaho since the age of 5.

A little history... 

I decided to be a writer when I was in fifth grade, thanks to my amazing teacher, Mr. Luhnow. I graduated from Coeur d’Alene High School where I wrote for my school paper (and met the love of my life) and then continued my education at Washington State University's Edward R. Murrow College of Communications.


Since graduating, I've worked as a journalist, writer and content marketing specialist for our local health system, in my spare time run my blog Stuck in North Idaho, and freelance in addition to my day job and blog. In my spare time I enjoy: 

  • Hiking with my husband and our fur-child Juneau
  • Reading
  • Biking
  • Sampling our local cuisine (a much better way of saying eating a lot and drinking wine)
  • Just hanging out with friends and family

I'm so excited to work with you. Please contact me at to get rolling on your next creative project. 

Get to Know Me

I've been blogging at since 2012. There, I catalog my life and adventures with my husband, Kyle, dog, Juneau, and our family and friends. If you're looking to learn more about fun places to visit in the Northwest, or just get to know me a bit more, please check it out! 

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