The words you use are important. What you send out to the world represents you and, if you’re a business or blogger, your brand. Let me help you develop a strong, consistent voice to relay your message to your audience.


Web Content - If you’re putting together a new site, or looking to update an existing one, we can work together to create custom content to fit your needs.

Bios and Profiles - It’s hard to write about yourself, so let me do it for you. We’ll sit down and discuss the purpose of the bio or profile you’re creating, and highlight your appropriate strengths and background. Whether this is for a publication, award, or, it’s important to put your best foot forward.

Editing - Have content already created, but want some fresh eyes to look it over? I can edit for spelling, grammar, style, and reader interpretation.

Feature Writing - Clean, creative content that tells a story.

Marketing materials, fliers, brochures - Educate your customers and sell them on your products and services (please note, this does not include design).

News Release - Created to send to the media and post online. News releases are constructed in a specific format using AP Style to maximize its potential for publication.

Blog Posts - Content that is short, to-the-point and optimized for web.

Website Audit

A customized consultation on your website along with personalized tips and tricks for improvement. You’ll receive a detailed questionnaire to fill out and send it back. After reviewing your answers, I’ll spend a week reviewing your site and taking notes on content, design, functionality, broken links, etc. Then we’ll meet one-on-one to go over your goals and possible changes to help improve your site. Interested? 


$40 per hour or a predetermined amount based on the project (please contact me to schedule a free consultation).

Recent Work: